Zarir Design



Zarir fashion design group was established in 2002 by a group of textile engineering graduates from AMIR KABIR
University ( Tehran Polytechnic). Under the priceless
guidance of their professor , Mr. Mazaheri , who provided them with his knowledge , research and experience , Rana Modabber , Ghazal Torki Sharifabadi and Roonak Fani
entered the field of fashion design. Utilizing their knowledge of textile engineering , familiarity with fabrics and dyes,
various methods of dyeing , printing and Finishing , with
addition of numerous fashion designing courses , the
pioneers behind Zarir have always focused on innovation.


The aim that drove Zarir was to add an artistic touch and
creativity to everyday apparels . The coalescence of colors , Iranian design and modern patterns with an eye on
application to everyday life became a guiding principle to launch an Iranian fashion brand. Each piece in Zarir is
individually designed , tailored and printed , concerning the authenticity of the statement our clothes intend to make. After muchperseverance and more than 30 exhibition , Zarir is
honored to be the choice of thousands of loyal customers alongside a range of prominent music bands, movie and TV stars and various Airline offices and agencies..

Zarir is the name of a plant which was utilized to produce yellow dye in traditional Iranian dyeing.

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